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A Case of Identity: William McGaughey, creator of this web site

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My Family Tree Ancestors of William McGaughey, Jr. going back four or more generations

The Family of William and Joanna McGaughey The parents and birth family of the creator of this web site

My Siblings Andrew, David, and Margaret McGaughey

The Birth Family of William McGaughey Sr. Birth family of the father of the creator of this web site

The Birth Family of Joan Durham McGaughey Birth family of the mother of the creator of this web site

William H. McGaughey (father) and Joan D. McGaughey (mother) resumes

Joan D. McGaughey: Reports from Europe (1948 and 1950) How I met Winston Churchill (and Renato Ricci, Mussolini's minister of public works)

My parents' role in promoting Disneyland It started when American Motors became the television show's original sponsor.

A visit with Mitt Romney’s mother Making of a possible President in 2012: A Forrest Gump view

Written memories of William McGaughey's relatives Information about family history compiled by sister, Mary Jane, and cousin Ruth Adams

About the original McGaughey ancestor (David) who came to America from Northern Ireland Sally Henson begins a genealogical discussion seeking further information about our common ancestor

Information about David McGaughey’s descendants in history of Franklin Township, Indiana A community book of history (Indianapolis) published in 1978

Epistles from Pap Excerpts from a book by Pap’s son, Frank Durham (Joan D. McGaughey's brother)

Pap's Great Escapade He helped lead Democratic Senators in the Indiana legislator to flee the state to thwart a gerrymandering bill

Notable associations of the McQuesten and Sawyer families with the Sawyer-Massey company, the Muscatine Oat Meal company (a forerunner of Quaker Oats), and the Ontario highway minister

In Search of My Own Identity A Story of Irrational Choices Made in Life for the Sake of more Authentic Experience

Four Adventures Some of William McGaughey’s varied life experiences

My Brushes with the Presidency Bill McGaughey’s various encounters with U.S. Presidents or would-be Presidents over the years

My Strange Relationship with the Romneys by William McGaughey, Jr. (an evolution of political views)

William McGaughey's Resume List of lifetime activities of the creator of this web site

What I did in my years as an accountant As if allocation of indirect costs were not enough

Burial locations for McGaughey and Durham family members Cemeteries in Milford, PA; Indianapolis, IN; and Greencastle, IN

Some Documents Establishing Personal Identity: Pictures of driver's licenses, employee badge, birth certificate, college diploma, CPA certificate, letterhead stationery, passport, credit-score report, teeth x-ray (removed for security reasons)

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to - an original view of world history as presented in Five Epochs of Civilization

to - about Bill's new book, A Cosmology of Matter/Life/Thought

to - some thoughts on politics

to - archives of Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee

to - published books by William McGaughey

Another William McGaughey, Jr. life history

Another William McGaughey, Sr. life history

Writings of Bill McGaughey

family photo album


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